Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Showcase Your eBook

So you've written a book and uploaded it to Kindle and you've checked their previewer to find it presents acceptably, now what ? You click publish and your book is live. Now you have to get someone to read it, right ? Well there are over three million books on Amazon and the reader has to find yours and like it enough to download it. That's where this blog comes in, it's created to showcase your book set in or about New Zealand.

What I suggest is that you email your book details to me together with the link to the page where it's available, like this:-

Your name, plus your Twitter handle and Author Central link, you have those don't you !!
Your book title and what it's about, if fiction, then what kind of genre etc.,
Your Amazon ASIN
Your ISBN, easily obtained free from the

National Library....click below link...

Click here

An image of the cover is always good too.

Please - New Zealand eBooks only, thank you

Rules, I'm not interested in the quality of the content, but the book must be an eBook, not print, sorry, while print is great there are other places you can easily promote them.

The book must be New Zealand, principally set in or about New Zealand and I define that as content that is at least 33% N.Z. If it's Fantasy or Sci-Fi, and not of this world then OK so long as you're a NZer, and/or permanent resident and holding a NZ ISBN from the National Library ( which are free, see above ).


Let's say you write a trans-Tasman epic, it's got a lot of Australia in it. No problem, as it's also got a lot of New Zealand.

Or, let's say you're writing about Wallabies. Cute little critters eh, and it includes lots abut the Wallabies of Waimate, then OK, it's all good.

Or, you're writing a Rugby almanac on the game in Australia, with nothing about New Zealand -  Wrong Your email will be ignored

Or, you write a book about love and romance in New York  - Wrong - Your email will be ignored

Or, you write a book that is Sci-Fi and you are a NZer and/or permanent resident in New Zealand with a NZ ISBN, OK.

Email your details with title, ASIN etc., to me -  kwhorlor@gmail.com or look for the book you're thinking of in the search panel below

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