Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Basketball Obsession Amazon ebook

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Basketball in small town New Zealand


Basketball Obsession


Ken Horlor @KHorlor

Jim Baker's father is proud of him but there is a nagging feeling that it is pity not respect his father feels. Jim has fallen short of expectations and now his ailing father doesn't seem to show much interest. Obsessed with basketball and living in the shadow of his father, Jim coaches his team of misfits, hoping they can do what he failed to achieve. They have height and talent but all is not what it seems in their lives off the court. Drugs, drink, death. Can they put all that has happened behind them and come together as a team? 

Pete isn't the most talented, but he's big, he's dedicated and his family with their dubious business connections are incredibly supportive. To get out of the slum, to get noticed, he has to lead from the front.

ISBN 9780473321390

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  1. I enjoyed this book immensely and really started to follow the fortunes of this small-town basketball team. I'm not sure if this is a murder mystery or just
    a straight Hoosiers style drama, but it is a story well told nonetheless. My only gripe is it could have run to more pages and let us know more about what each person was thinking. There is game action for those interested in that type of thing and a useful glossary at the end to explain terms. The book has grown on me over the last few weeks and made me think. I look forward to reading more from this author in future.